Tag: Location Based Experience

  • Museum of Shakespeare

    A new immersive and interactive permanent experience transporting guests to the 16th Century to walk in the footsteps of the famous playwright.

  • Aurora

    For the festive season, the exquisite North star landed in India Court – Bompas & Parr brought the Northern Lights to Battuta Mall, Dubai. Audiences were invited to journey to the polar regions and experience arguably one of the most miraculous weather experiences for themselves and learn about plasma and electromagnetic waves.

  • Incense Road

    Bompas & Parr collaborated with multimedia storytelling company Avocado Toast to bring to life a cutting-edge 360 immersive digital dining room, drawing on the expert knowledge of curators and historical researchers to evoke the stories of the Incense Road that was at its height some 2,000 ago.

  • Forces of Nature

    Forces of Nature

    A culinary world-first situated at the Shlal Canyon

  • Nakamura.ke Lumen Ramen Bar

    Nakamura.ke Lumen Ramen Bar

    World’s First Glowing Ramen Ba

  • Epochal Banquet

    A pioneering culinary experience inspired by space, microbiology, artificial intelligence and hyperintelligence stirred the senses of curious diners at Expo 2020 Dubai, in a new concept designed to challenge the future of dining.

  • Lost Lagoon

    Earlier this year, Bompas & Parr and Captain Morgan rum took Londoners on a nautical adventure to an underground paradise: the Lost Lagoon.

  • SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World

    SCOOP: A Wonderful Ice Cream World was a celebratory show that explored the past, present and future of ice cream and formed The British Museum of Food’s first major exhibition, just right for the summer.

  • Future Forest

    Bompas & Parr’s summer 2017 activation for Westfield Future Forest explores the complex relationship between humans and nature through fun and adventurous activities, cementing Westfield as the destination for all the family this summer.

  • Tongue Town

    Tongue Town

    A ten year retrospective of the studio’s work at MAM, São Paulo